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Peer-2-peer not working... Groups?

I’‘m stuck. I’‘ve trried a few clients and am not finding success in getting peer-to-peer chat working. In fact, many clients don’'t seem to be able to login at all.

But first, I can’‘t find a price for JM listed anywhere on jivesoftware.org… this is why I’‘m using it. So if it’'s not free, and peer-2-peer is disabled for demo servers… (???)

Second, GAIM can login fine, except that users can only chat in rooms, not peer-2-peer. Buddy icons also say ‘‘not authorized’’ & ‘‘offline’’. I’'ve read here that this might be a GAIM bug.

Third, I’‘ve tried these clients and aren’'t having much success:

Login Peer2-Peer Rooms From-Client

yes no no Trillian Pro 2 (Jabber plugin)

yes no yes GAIM

no – – Gush

yes no no TKabber

no – – Coccinella (many application errors/bugs)

Now, enabling shared groups and adding two test accounts into a group, magically makes peer-2peer work. But admittedly there’‘s little to go on how this all works. I’'ve scoured this forum for hints on the mechanics of this… so should I gust creat one big group and put my 30 users in it?

Thanks for any hints/advice you can give me

Hey Justin,

JM is governed by the GPL license model so you can say that it’'s free. Therefore, there is no functionality that is being disabled.

My first guess is that you are experiencing a rather common problem. When adding contacts to your roster (i.e. contact list) make sure that they are of the form where hostname matches JM’'s hostname. BTW, other clients that you may want to try out are Pandion and Exodus.


– Gato