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PEPEvent Namespace

I’m pretty sure the getNamespace() is wrong in PEPEvent.java. I think it should be:

public String getNamespace() {
return “http://jabber.org/protocol/pubsub#event”;


public String getNamespace() {
return “http://jabber.org/protocol/pubsub”;

Anyone disagree?

No. It simply reuses the pubsub schema which makes your statement correct.

great. Can someone make a bug report for this? I guess I am the only one using smack and PEP but if this isn’t fixed the PEP events wont be fired!


Done. SMACK-320

Awesome, thanks. It will be nice to get PEP working in both Smack and Openfire!

Hi, on a different note, would you know of a simple PEP tutorial for smack? I am trying to figure out a way to work with tune messages. Cant seem to find much online. Or maybe I missed this. Thx!

No, it appears that the author of that extension did not in fact write up documentation on how to use it. The extension is mainly a subset of the pubsub extension (the schemas are all from the pubsub spec), but the Smack implementations of these extensions are separate entities that do not have anything in common.

Thanks a lot. Any pointers to any examples written by anyone? Else I guess one needs to read the source and figure out? Is there a pointer to a working pubsub example with smack? Maybe I could start with that?

The docs for pubsub are here and the only example code I can point out is the test cases and this discussion. Should be enough to get you started though.

Hi, I managed to get a very trivial pubsub to work but with PEP I cant get a simple tune publish to work using PEP. Anyone has a full working version of PEP?