Percona Multi-Master replication and Openfire

Hello I would like to know if a percona multi-master replication in three regions (servers) A, B et C will work with openfire ?

Basically, I would like to install three openfire servers in three regions (offices) sharing the same database that percona replicates over these these three servers or locations.

I would like to know if that would work and allow a user in office A on server A to chat with a second user locates in office B on server B as if they were on the same server.

I am planing on manually configure the database on two server by editing the file conf/openfire.xml






select 1 "

Is there a plugin or another approach to achieve this ?


It looks like the above approach is useless since openfire has a built in feature called " server-to-server" configuration where users form server A can add contact from server B and start a chat…

The only problem is that openfire 4.0.2 is unstable. I did follow this s2s tutorial It worked but once the user is offline and reconnect after, the communication between the two users is lost.

Is there an old openfire version that is well known to provide a stable s2s connection without any issues ?