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Performance and scalability of OpenFire?

I was wondering if there is public performance and scalability information on OpenFire that kind of answers these questions:

  • For X users (active or passive, combination, etc.), how much CPU, memory (and threads, handles?) is typically consumed?
  • For X IM traffic (messages or bytes per second?), how much CPU, memory (and threads, handles?) is typically consumed?
  • How much memory to allocate or how much memory & CPU use to expect per user added?

I saw in a post around here I think that said something like 1MB memory per user. There was also a post somewhere with a link to OpenFire scalability results (http://www.igniterealtime.org/about/OpenfireScalability.pdf) but that document is just a simple summary and only covers one hardware profile and the max scalability limit.

Would be nice to see scalability and performance results for different hardware profiles + host Oses + load levels (# users, # of messages sent/received, # concurrent sessions or conference chat rooms).

Asking these questions because we are planning to integrate OpenFire as an add-on part of our product, which runs on proprietary hardware with roughly a fixed CPU/memory footprint, so we can’t just tell our customers to upgrade CPU or add memory to the system.

FYI, I think per our configuration, the load would look like a max of 350 users, with a roster list max of 525,000 entries, against a server with 1GHz CPU and 1GB memory. And these servers may talk to other servers running OpenFire for an IM server network of 100 servers. How do you think that would perform? I haven’t begun any load testing on that configuration yet.

Hi, dluu!

I can give you info of OpenFIre that`s used in my company.

I use OpenFIre 3.6.3 + Kracken 1.1.2

Server :Windows server 2003 x86

Memory :4 GB (3 GB usermode)

SWAP file :4 GB

CPU: 2* CPU Xeon (3.2GHz)

JVM: 1 GB of java memory, 128K stack size, parallel GC work.

autorization: SASL ntlm,

Client: corporate miranda based

Users: 2350 (and it`s growing up) simultaneously + 900 user from those, are registered in kracken (msn, icq, qtalk)

So, I have problem with memory leak in kracken or openfire itself (all the same I think its transport gate). Now i tuned jvm - there`s no error, yet ( ).

With the help of task maneger, processXP and jconsole i have next values:

Handles from openfire process: 43200 counts at midday

Threads from openfire process: usually it rather more then 5000 counts (and it`s not limited, I think)

Used memory by openfire process: 1192 MB (and it`s grows up from 746 MB from morning to 1192 (my max value) at work day ending usually) -

thats memory leak (its go down never).

CPU power: 2-10 % all day.

Hope, this info is that you are looking for.

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Thanks kot. Do you know how much handles (handle count) Openfire takes up on your systems?

Ok. collected it today.

Here it`s

Handles from openfire process: 43200 counts at midday.