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Performance measurement


i wanted to measure the throughput achieved while using Jive, so i wanted to measure the time at which a message is sent. i will also measure the time at the recipient jive server when the message is recieved.

can someone please point me to the exact location where i would need to put these statements in the code. i tried looking around but got lost in the code.



Im not sure if i understand you correctly, but the easyest way to measure the throughput is to write an extension to the packets with the timestamp in them when they were send, eg

and then measure client to client with the server in betwean (full trip),

for pure server to server benching the easyest way is to write an internal component that generates the packets that are destined(sp?) for your other server. tag the packets in the same way and you are off.

Not “exact” but near enough, with an extension you add the overhead that is used parsing the extra xml.