Periodic disconnects - Error Security Sandbox Violation

Hi folks,

My XMPP app works fine for a while and then all of a sudden something happens and an error is thrown.

Error #2070: Security sandbox violation: caller cannot access Stage owned by .

at Error$/throwError()

at flash.xml::XMLDocument/parseXML()

at org.jivesoftware.xiff.core::XMPPConnection/org.jivesoftware.xiff.core:XMPPConne ction::socketReceivedData()[C:\Documents and Settings\Walt Schlender\Desktop\XIFFAS3Test\org\jivesoftware\xiff\core\]

Any ideas?


Another fix:

Turns out that sometimes I’‘m getting back empty xml frames – don’'t ask me why.

The code blows up when it tries to parse them.

So I popped in a try - catch block to recover from those problems line 511


xmlData.parseXML( );

var event:IncomingDataEvent = new IncomingDataEvent(); = xmlData;

dispatchEvent( event );

// Read the data and send it to the appropriate parser

var firstNode:XMLNode = xmlData.firstChild;

var nodeName:String = firstNode.nodeName.toLowerCase();

switch( nodeName )


case “stream:stream”:

case “flash:stream”:

_expireTagSearch = false;

handleStream( firstNode );


case “stream:error”:

handleStreamError( firstNode );


case “iq”:

handleIQ( firstNode );


case “message”:

handleMessage( firstNode );


case “presence”:

handlePresence( firstNode );



// silently ignore lack of or unknown stanzas

// if the app designer wishes to handle raw data they

// can on “incomingData”.

// Use case: received null byte, XMLSocket parses empty document

// sends empty document

// I am enabling this for debugging

dispatchError( “undefined-condition”, “Unknown Error”, “modify”, 500 );



trace(“Error: parse data error: Continuing…”);


Man ,

I have same error with beta Xiff , Any suggestion how come this error is coming

This error is coming if I m using openfire , as before this I was using e-jabberd with that it was working fine no such issue


create new property in server

xmpp.client.idle give value to -1 it will stable ur connection alove… thanks to above person