Permanent rooms and groups without invitation

Hi All,

I’m using spark as client.

I need to possibility to groups chatting.

I’ve created permament room and this seems to be what I need, but noticed few problems:

  • I need to invite every day users to join (I’d like have all of them permanently)

  • If i close room - chat finishes

Is there a way to set up this to fit to my requirements?

Would be v.grateful for any guide!



Hi Maciej,

one can join automatically a room when starting Spark.

If you leave the room the chat will continue, but without you. That’s a normal behavior. The room should be created as a permanent one, so it will be visible in the room list.


Thanks a lot for your reply

So, how can I setup Spark to join rooms on start?

Re closing room’s windows - this is not normal behaviour in other IMs I know.

Eg If user press close button by mistake (instread of minimize) then he left room

For my perspective this is OK for temp rooms but for permanent this is not.

Eg If you want to have IT support room you need to care do not close room window because you will miss some msgs



If you can really get into the source for spark.

Change the “Close” button for group chat to HIDE, rather than just EXIT.

include a note users should use the drop down menu to exit the group chat.

The “two clicks” for menu>close should prevent accidents

Good advice re changing Close event.

But I have no idea how to change / compile that.

Think this shall be parametrised by dev team in next releases…