Persistant Update Message!

I got a message from my Spark software that told me an update was available and wanted to know if I wanted to download it. I agreed to the download and now everytime I log in to Spark I get asked if I want to install the update. I had clicked on it the first time after the download and it removed the old and installed the new update without any problems but now I keep getting this message everytime I log in. I am currently using



I also get that message with 2.0.1 and the original 2.0. Never had the issue with 1.4. This little bug is annoying my user base.

Hi All,

When you are using 2.0.1, what is the message you are getting exactly? I’'m curious what build is out there.


Title bar: New version Available

Contents: spark_2_0_1_online.exe is now available. Would you like to install? Yes No

I can accept that message with yes, and it will begin to remove the current install and reinstall 2_0_1.

Help Menu --> About --> reads Spark 2.0.1

Thanks for the report. This is caused by using the online spark package. I’'ve filed SPARK-357 to fix this for Spark 2.0.2. To fix this issue, on the server, rename the spark_2_0_1_online.exe to spark_2_0_1.exe and set it accordingly. This is the temporary workaround.



What do you mean by set it accordingly? I do use Spark Manager plugin for wildfire.

Oh, I just mean when you rename it, set the new active client as 2.0.1.



ok, I have done as you suggested and I indeed do not get that message. When will the build 2.0.2 be released?

Thank you