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Persistent conference rooms presence

Hi, I am looking for an ability to keep users in conference rooms. I mean similar functionality that is in skype conferencing. We use openfire with spark, people like it and I have a really good impression of openfire too. It works out of the box and fits our needs, there’s only one thing missing and I hope it’s feasible with spark+openfire. I have configured auto joined conference rooms with openfire Client Control’s Group Chat Bookmarks feature, it’s pretty cool. However if a person simply leaves the conference room and new message appears, that person does not know about it and I’d like to cause auto re-join in such situation, or simply auto re-join on leave. Is this possible with current version of openfire+spark+client control plugin? If not, are you guys going to implement it?

Thanks in advance

There is no auto-rejoin option in the Client Control plugin. Also i doubt it is easy to do. This will involve changes both in Openfire (plugin) and Spark (option to auto-rejoin on leave). There are currently no active developers for Spark/Openfire, so unless you provide your own patch it won’t be implemented.