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Persistent Rooms - Highest number typically seen?

Hi !

I’m using persistent rooms in Openfire 4.2.x server. My use case requires keeping those rooms around, for a while, event if there are no occupants. After some time period without activity (modification), or an event of some sort, I have a process to remove those rooms.

However, it occurs to me that it may slow down processing if when I get all rooms, I’m retrieving 10,000 or 100,000 rooms.

What is the highest number of persistent rooms typically seen on your servers?
Has it impacted performance in any significant way?

I don’t recall seeing anybody find limits on the number of rooms, but I do know that if you are retaining chat history in these rooms that the amount of memory consumed to store this history can get excessive. Also, the startup time can be increased if you need to load recent MUC history from the database when the rooms are loaded at boot time.