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Persistent Rooms

Is there a way of creating persistent group chat rooms ?

There currently is no way to do this in Messenger. Full support for JEP-0045 (multi-user chat) which includes persistent rooms is planned for Messenger 1.2 or 1.3. If this is a critical feature for your deployment let us know and we can see what we can do to accomodate your schedule.


I am trying to roll out an online service by Jan ''04 and will be entering Beta phase next month. There are several facets to this service, and chat is one of them.

If this feature can be fitted into the roadmap for Q4, that will be great from our perspective.


I believe that should work. We’'ll be releasing Messenger 1.1 very soon. And we have Messenger 1.2 tentatively scheduled for end of year. My goals for 1.2 are improved connection manager front end, advanced multi-user chat, and server-to-server communication.

When you purchase Messenger I can give you access to early releases of 1.2 (if you want them) when the advanced groupchat stuff starts to gel.


I will purchase over the weekend…i evaluated a bunch of servers and i live the best


Fantastic! You made my weekend.