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It is possible to combine Smack with PersonalJava, I am making a development with PersonalJava and whenever treatment to connect me to the servant I have many errors.

The question is: it is compatible Smack with PersonalJava.



While we have not specifically tested under Personal Java, it’‘s likely that Smack won’'t work. We currently target J2SE as a minimum requirement. Other Java editions such as J2ME may be supported in the future.



I have ported the Smack library to both the CrEme virtual machine and IBM’‘s J9 on the PocketPC and have tested it successfully on COMPAQ’‘s iPAQ and HP’‘s iPAQ h5450 with some minor modifications. The J9 for example doesn’'t seem to support UTF-8 encoding but after I changed these references to the ISO-8859-1 it seemed to work ok. I also removed all of the swing references for the debug panel but CrEme now has swing package as well.

Both of these virtual machines support the J2ME CDC with the Personal Profile at JDK 1.3. Porting to Geode’‘s Personal Java is somewhat problematic because JDK 1.8 doesn’‘t support lists. I think it is possible but I haven’'t attempted to so yet.

Sorry. I believe that is JDK 1.1.8 and Jeode with a J.