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Phone icon missing

I have not found any answers to this question, although I see others talking about it. I am running OpenFire 3.6.3 on a Windows 2008 server. I am running Spark 2.5.8 on Windows XP computers. After reading the User Guide, I was expecting to be able to voice chat PC to PC on my LAN. However, there is no phone icon to initiate this voice chat. What am I missing?

Hopefully this will work for you as it somewhat did for me. I am still verifying if this really is indeed a solution. Others, if you had this problem, and you tried this, please let me know if it worked for you or not.

There was another post somewhere in these forums that mentioned a fix, and that was a great start but slim on the details, I wish I could give credit to that person, but found this thread instead.

The problem for me was for clients on Windows 7 and Vista machines. I tried it several times in Windows 7 Vista (both 32 and 64) and once in Windows Vista 32.

I installed the Spark 2.5.8 using the larger msi package at first. I connected to my openfire 3.6.4 server and there was no phone icon.

I uninstalled Spark 2.5.8 and reinstalled 2.5.8 exe file, not the msi file. Still no joy. But I did notice that my old login was still there. So apparently, the uninstaller didn’t do a good job.

I looked around and saw in my user directory a spark folder. I uninstalled again and sure enough, the folder was still there. I looked in Program Files, and in 64 bit machines Program Files (x86) and sure enough spark was not completely uninstalled.

I think (more testing is needed to confirm) if you use the uninstaller in the start menu as opposed to going into control panel and Programs and Features to remove Spark, it does to a clean job. But certainly deleting spark in both Program Files and in my user directory did the trick.

I reinstalled the .exe and connected 2 physical machines from their console (NOT remote desktop) and was able to make PC to PC calls. I also want to note that I am using Norton Internet Security 2010 and it made the necessary firewall rules so I can make PC to PC calls on the same LAN.

Remote Desktop did NOT work for me, so you can see how much of a pain it was to test.

Virtual Machines in VMware did work for me for testing.

Hope this helps.