Phone integration - update status via URL - push status to client

I don’‘t have full phone integration with Wildfire, but do have the option for a handset to call a url when it is off/onhook. I’‘ve written a script that updates a user’'s status, but I am experiencing a few problems:

  1. The user (whose status is changed remotely by the script) is running a Spark client, but this does not get updated with the new status - they still appear as online even though their status is ‘‘on phone’’ and can be seen as ‘‘on phone’’ by other clients. Can this status be pushed to the user’'s client?

  2. The status change doesn’'t seem to work with all clients - it is working with Spark, but other clients are receiving the update, showing the contact as ‘‘on phone’’ then showing the contact as offline. (Note: the script does not register or establish a permanent connection, it logs in then sets the presence and disconnects).

I’'d be grateful for any help.

Thank you


Hey – Sorry I don’‘t have an answer for you, however I’‘m curious what type of phone system you’'re using. That seems like a great feature – URL via on/off hook.


The phone system I think is Asterisk, however it is hosted and I don’'t have any access to the Management Interface that would be required for integration.

The phones that have the URL on/offhook are Snom 300 IP handsets.

After some more investigation, it looks as though my script, which updates the presence, logs in as a different ‘‘resource’’, and different clients handle multiple resources in different ways.

Maybe updating the presence with a second client session isn’'t the best way to do this… is it possible to connect to the Wildfire server and update the presence with an admin command?