Phone Mappinings device list


I have wildfire 3.1.0, asterisk-im 1.2.0beta2, Asterisk 1.4beta3, SuSE10.1,MySQL 5.0.18

I get the asterisk server set in the astersk-im page and can add phone mapings, BUT when i hit submit the device list is empty and the table phoneDevices is empty. I tried to manually add a device in the table but had no luck getting anything to show u in the list on the admin web page. the phone mappings page heading shows"Total Users 2" but the list is empty. Any Ideas?


Hi All,

I knew I should have kept looking longer before posting! Found the answer in this post:

Re: New Beta Release - 1.2.0beta2

Has to do with the DB layout. scroll down toword the bottom of the postings and use the db script there. and do chnge the jiveVersion to 2

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