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Pidgin 2.13.0 using XMPP protocol Unable to find Issuer Certificate

I’m connecting using the client Pidgin 2.13.0 using XMPP protocol.
In Pidgin when I go to Tools > Certificates > I can see a listing for my openfire server (openfire.companydomain.com) > I then click Get Info which shows the valid CA wildcard cert I have installed for *.companydomain.com. When I then click on View Issuer Certificate I receive the error “Unable to find Issuer Certificate”

Is this a known behavior of Pidgin and Openfire? I’d like to correct this issue before we begin to use internally.

I get the same error connecting to igniterealtime.org server (which uses Openfire and non wildcard cert as far as i know) and to jabber.at (which uses ejabberd and also non wildcard cert). Both use certs from Let’s Encrypt. It seems that the problem is with Pidgin.