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Pidgin and MSN transport

I want to use Pidgin with the MSN transport, what do I have to do to configure the Pidgin client. I want to connect using Openfire and MSN transport, not directly.

Thanks for advance for your help experts!!

As far as i know Pidgin doesnt support service query (and transports are services) or it does it in some awkward uncommon way so i didnt find it. So, probably it’s not possible.

You can always use some other client (e.g. Psi) to register the transport. Then start Pidgin again and enjoy the transport.

That’s what i ment by awkward Why should i use Pidgin at all, i would stick with Psi

E.g. because Pidgin has some special feature you want to use…ok, Pidgin has no special features other than native support for other protocols.