Pidgin auto-join on login remote chatroom bug?


I keep finding strange interaction bugs with Pidgin, Jabber, and Openfire Anyway. Here is the scenario

userA on serverA is setup to auto-matically join a chatroom on remote MUC serverB. Pidgin sends the initial presence, but never gets a response back from Openfire showing the joining of the room. It is like the return stanza is lost and not sent back to the client. Watching the chatroom on serverB as another user, I see the presence sent to the room.

The result is that Pidgin never opens a chatroom window until a presence stanza is sent back for somebody else joining the room.

Attached is a pidgin log showing this for a chatroom called ‘peopletalk’.

I have bugged the Pidgin devels about this as well:

Anybody here have any ideas? thanks!


Digging some more into this, I loaded up Gaim 1.5.0 and noticed that it sends <presence/> before sending the presence to the chatroom and thus Gaim works.

For Pidgin, it sends the presence to the room before sending the general presence to the server.


For what it is worth, Having both ends run Openfire 3.5.1 seems to have fixed this issue.