Pidgin client types numbers instead of letters

Hi All

I came across an interesting issue where user using the Pidgin client for openfire services.

in Pidgin (versions 2.6.5, 2.7.1, and 2.7.3), the user can click on a person’s name and in the dialogue box, the first letter will type and then subsequently no matter what key on the keyboard (alphanumeric) is pressed, it counts the keystrokes rather than the actual letters i.e. “e12345678901234………”.

We tried reinstalling the client but that did not help.Only 2 user reporting this issue.

Anyone faced the similar issue ever?



This issue is not coming up with Spark though.

I can’t see how this can be related to Openfire. When you type a message this is only a client GUI responding, before you send a message. Looks like Pidgin issue related to your environment (maybe some additional software).