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Ping cstux

Hi there.

Please somebody test this issues and if all is ok commit into svn:



Pong :slight_smile:

I have commit SPARK-1152,SPARK-1155

For SPARK-994 I think is not the right way to resolve this issue with a “Thread.sleep()”.

I think we should create a EventDispatcher for this.

I attached archive into SPARK-994 with some changes for bookmarks.

Check it please.

Here are some new patches to check and commit.


Improvement SPARK-1157

Bug SPARK-1158


May be we it will be better to call ContactGroup.fireContactGroupUpdated() method from ContactGroup.addContactItem(), ContactGroup.removeContactItem() , etc methods ? There are some places where developers forgot to update group title after manipulation with ContactItems in this group.

Hi Konstantin,

SPARK-1157 and SPARK-1158 was applied to the trunk.

Thx for the patches

I attached a .patch file to http://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/SPARK-1112 for someone to review.

Working good. cstux please commit patch to svn.

And what about SPARK-1153 issue ?

There are some deprecated methods used in spark i attached patches for it. Upload it please into svn.
FileDragLabel.patch.zip (611 Bytes)
PluginClassLoader.patch.zip (581 Bytes)