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Plans for a SIP Gateway?

Just curious if there were plans for a SIP gateway. I see there are ones AIM, ICQ, MSN, IRC. I would like to be able to connect a new XMPP server with existing Sametime server.

I saw that Antepo OPN and Jabber XCP offer one but was hoping to find one with a GPL.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



It’‘s not on our roadmap for the moment. The problem is that any SIP gateway would be lowest common denominator type functionality since the SIP IM standards (SIMPLE) are just not anywhere close to mature. It’'s also just a crappy standard. It would be much better for IBM and Microsoft to build XMPP gateways into their products. Sametime may be moving in this direction, in fact – they just announced Google Talk interop for Sametime 7.5.




Thanks for the response. I was looking into the possibility of transitioning current sametime users over to XMPP (the gateway was first step). Currently it costs a few bucks for sametime licensing. I am trying to push the open source route.

Wildfire looks to be the best XMPP server.

Thanks again!