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Please give me a Flash Client Demo For Implement XIFF Library!

please give me a Flash Client Demo For Implement XIFF Library !!

Thanks all!


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zhuam, i dont undestand you often:) As about Flash Client, have you looked at XIFF package. I havent tested it but there is some kind of Flash client (i mean chat interface made in flash).

thanks wroot!

i’'m very glad to receive your reply, i have do much to make the Flash client for XMPP , but Flash client example for xiff package is not good !


Please note that there is a better flash client example under development. The examples provided was just to get a very basic example to begin working with, and not a comprehensive client. The focus of XIFF is on the library and not on flash clients.

OK !

thanks all

This would be really nice.

Any delivery date yet? Can we contribute to the development?