Please help me to recover the history of a user whose account has been deleted


I am currently using spark 2.5.8 in my office.

I am facing a severe problem and I need a help in that

I had one colleague who had been created his account in the spark.

I got some helpful information regarding my project during project work.

Now since he set himself to resign from this company, his account has been deleted from the spark.

Now after his account deleted, I suddenly remember to backup the conversation between us.

So I tried to add his account and recover the history…

I succeed in adding account but I failed in taking a back up …

So please help me in this case…It would be a gr8 help for me if I would get it…since there’s no other way for me to get it.



Try looking in your home directory – under it y ou should see a Spark directory and something like:

Spark/user/YOURJID/transcripts/ and in that directory a bunch of xml files, should be some for the person you are referring to.