Pls help me with 'cocurrent' and 'online'

I found some posts about ‘max cocurrent’ here.

such as

I made tests and reached more than 10K users with a Xeon bi processor and 4Gb of RAM.

I think a Xeon with a single processor and 2Gb should be enough for 5000 users but if you can afford larger like the bi-pro and 4Gb RAM, it could probably be safer.

in the text above, does this ‘10k users’ mean cocurrent or online, only a part of this 10k ‘cocurrent’?

or here, the definition of cocurrent is the same to online?

pls tell me if u know



definition of cocurrent is the same to online?
Yes, concurrent and online users are the same.

Hi justatr,

You might want to look at the Openfire Requirements document to get a better idea of what kind of hardware can support various numbers of users.

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Concurrent is the same as online. It is the total number of users logged into the server. This is regardless of whether they are actively chatting.

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then, my second question is

According to the Help Document about Hardware Recommendations item,

supposed I have 10,000 cocurrent users, and I have 30 MUC rooms, each room has 100 to 300 active participant in total.

Then, will these rooms add huge pressure to server compared with no MUC applied to this openfire server?