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Plugin and file transfer question

Good day! For some reason, for some reason, the available plugins are displayed on the plugins tab, and therefore I can’t figure out how to download plugins for spark. In particular, I’m interested in spark phone for integrating spark and sip telephony, who can tell me where to download this plugin?

And there is one more question, is it possible to somehow configure the file transfer in the twin so that in the folder where the files come a folder with the name of the one sending the file and the file is created there? For example, user1 sends the file user2 and the user1 folder with the received file was automatically created in the documents of user2? Thanks!

  1. All you see in the Installed plugins tab is the only thing available for Spark. There is no working Phone plugin currently. There is a ticket for that, but i am not sure if anyone ever going to work on that https://igniterealtime.atlassian.net/browse/SPARK-1892

  2. There is no such option.