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Plugin config page

Hi, I’d like to add a page, in admin console, where user can set a jiveglobals variable.

I already know how to add a tab:

<!-- Admin console entries -->
    <tab id="tab-server">
        <sidebar id="myPlugin-settings" name="MyPlugin">
            <item id="plugin-props-edit-form" name="Plugin Properties"


description=“Modify plugin properties” />

Now, what should I put as URL? I think a jsp page would be good but how to make this?And how to make the jsp modify a jive globals variabile? Help me please…

‘url’ value must be url-pattern defined in web.xml incase of a servlet ; and a jsp name incase of jsp/pre-complied jsp.

I’m more familiar with servlets so, suppose I have my web.xml and my servlet code: how can I insert them in my openfire plugin using the plugin’s build script?