Plugin Development in Netbeans

I would like to develop a simple ‘hello world’ plugin in OpenFire( using Netbeans).
I read that making plugins requires the whole openfire Source to be available, so I downloaded that. I am following these steps:

My openfire_src folder is in this location - C:\Users\Harsh\Desktop\openfire_src

  1. Create a new project like this;

  2. Select the folder (please see the settings here as well)

  3. Click next without changing anything:

  4. Again, click next without changing anything:

    After that, I am taken to the Java Sources Classpath window

  5. In the Java Sources Classpath Window, I choose **All the jars from the src\build\lib\ folder, and all the jars inside the sub folders as well (ant,dist,merge,src)


  6. Then here, i just click next ( no changes)

  7. After clicking on finish, I get a ton of errors like this :

This is one of the many errors:

***I am using Netbeans and windows. ***
My main objective is to be able to make a plugin for openfire. Thank you in advance for your help.

When i was using NetBeans i was getting all those red error icons also, but this didn’t stop the project from building and working.

This is my old notes on setting up Openfire source in NetBeans:

rename folder with source Openfire1

create new Java project with existing source - set folder to K:\Git\Openfire and project name Openfire, dont press Next yet

then rename folder Openfire1 back to Openfire

copy build.xml from build dir to parent

edit build.xml in parent, change basedir="…" to basedir=""

add after

go to NetBeans and press Next

press Add folder (Source Package Folders), choose src folder - Finish

right-click Openfire project - Clean and Build

to launch - /target/openfire/bin/openfire.bat

okay, you were right about it compiling even with to those errors. but in order to create a plugin , i will need to know if I am actually doing something wrong , or if its just this netbeans thing.

I did follow your notes, but errors (red marks) still exist. However , there are much fewer of those errors this time.
What do you I suggest do now ?

Example of one of those errors:

package com.thoughtworks.xstream does not exist

Sorry, i don’t know what these errors mean and if they have any effect. I suspect that a code is not in some standard form that NetBeans is expecting, but it is not stopping it from working.