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Plugin directory names should be lowercase!

This is a friendly warning for plugin developers: make sure the directory does not have any uppercase characters. The ant ‘‘plugins’’ target creates an archive that extends to target plugin directories in all lowercase characters. If you use XMPPServer.getInstance().getPluginManager().getPlugin(String pluginDirectoryName) in a JSP file to extend the admin panel functionality, you’'ll get NullPointerExceptions if pluginDirectoryName has uppercase characters, even if your original directory had uppercase characters. The extra admin panel will be created, but will have no contents apart from the JiveMessenger header.

The obvious workaround is: don’'t use uppercase characters in directory names, or use only lowercase characters in the PluginManager.getPlugin() attribute.

Maybe the getPlugin() method in the PluginManager class could be adapted a bit - or the ant script could be modified to be case sensitive.

If memory serves, I ran into some trouble too when using dashes in directory names, but that was unrelated.


Is this still a problem in 2.3.0? I thought I had fixed the bugs, but it’'s possible I missed some.



I’‘m using a version from SVN which I got on or after october 24th. It’‘s version tag says it’'s 2.3.0 beta 2.