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Plugin disabled warning and error

Hi guys, and OpenFire noob here.

I have taken on a project that has been developed with an OpenFire server for user communication.

There is a plugin that ads to openfire and handles all the backend stuff and I connect to it from a mobile application.

The problem is that I get pluginname disabled warning in both the client app and the log file. I am hosting the openfire on a mac

and I have matched the secret code to my new install code. What could be wrong? Is there a tutorial on how to start developing

plugins for OpenFire (preferably using Eclipse)?

Thanks a lot.


there are two documents which describe how to use setup Openfire and Eclipse, you may want to use the search function for their URLs. The Openfire source contains also all plugins, so after setting up an Openfire IDE you have automatically one for the plugins.


My plugin is non-standard, is a custom plugin which I need to further modify. I do not want to rebuild OpenFIre or its default plugins. Since I am a complete newb and really in a rush, I’d appreciate some pointers on where to look and what document names to look for. Thank you.