Plugin for openfire 3.7.1

hello all

i install open fire 3.7.1 and it work grate for me

but when i need to add some plugins like “sip.jar” , "userImportExport.jar " e.t.

they wont apeare in openfire plugin console …

i want to know plugins for each version of openfire is special ?

if answer is yes where i can find openfire 3.7.1 plugins

and if answer is no how can add this plugin to my server

i found my question answer

and it is important version of openfire

but i want to know where can i find lower version of plugins ?

now i need this plugins :

  • client control 1.1.0

  • DB Access 1.0

*MotD 1.0.4

*userImportExport 2.0.3

you can get the plugins from here

best of luck

Plugins for older Openfire versions are not available. I personally have only 3.8.2 version plugins still laying around. Why do you have to use 3.7.1 version? maybe 3.8.2 still do, then i can share a zip with plugins.