Plugin for openfire is not showing in plugins list

I’ve followed this tutorial Openfire: Plugin Developer Guide and made a simple plugin that is basically a broadcast plugin found in wildfire source, but also uses google-api-translate-java-0.97.jar and java-json-schema.jar.

After I’ve built my plugin with ant tool ( ant -buildfile plugin -Dplugin=_HelloWorld -lib ), and got no warnings or any sign that something went wrong, I’ve uploaded it to openfire server.

The problem is, my plugin never shows up in the list of plugins in openfire console.

Can this be related to a java version this google-api-translate-java-0.97.jar uses? I am using java 1.7.0_71.

I am stuck!!!

I’ve solved this one. The problem was I included some packages other than the ones in When I copy/pasted the include section, it worked.