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Plugin help!

Thanks a lot. I understand what you are saying. I got the code working well, and it includes a toaster popup for messages. It should be good.

I am now setting up a preferences item. If I understand right, there is no “store” of preferences (i.e. plugin preferences can’'t be saved with the regular Spark preferences). Can you elaborate more on that? How exactly does that work? Do the preferences have to be committed at initialization every time the plugin loads by pulling them from a file?

Also, how do you get previously committed preferences? I am a little confused on the whole namespace issue.

And one final question. Any suggestions on the best way to set the room within which the keyword is detected for the user to see? I tried the flash, as mentioned, but that doesn’'t work as I had thought. I really need it to get their attention, as most users have 3-5 rooms open, so they need to know which one alerted them with the toaster.



Thanks Derek. Didn’'t see this forum until just now. My question remains above for everyone… I would appreciate some help. I think this (and associated toaster-like message notification) will be useful to everyone and can be released as a public plugin.

Hi Tim,

There is not a “Spark Preference” settings, although it has been requested. Really, in your preferences, you are responisble for the persisting and loading of your own settings file (.properties, xml) and really should just keep that as static member, so you do not need to reload from the file on every load of the preference.

As for the notification of the room, you can always force it.


startFlashing(room) <— This will change the tab title, but since you are in focus, you will then need force a flash.


SwingUtilities.invokeLater(new JNIPackFlashInvoker(chatFrame, false, false));

That should do it.




You are awesome. Thanks for the code. It worked perfectly. Now I just have to finish setting up the preferences feature, and I will have a keyword notification in chat rooms set up.



I hate to be a bother…

But one last question. I don’'t understand how to access the preferences after they are set without directly reading the file (which like you said is not preferable). Can you explain that to me? How you actually go about doing that long after you have added the preferences?