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Plugin JSP page stops rendering unexpectedly

I’m using Openfire for my chat server, Openfire runs on Jetty. One of my plugin public JSP page has strange HTML rendering.

As in the code below, the rendering of this JSP page stops after the opening TR tag. This is strange because between the opening TR tag and the first TD tag has no code, meaning no Java exception would occur. And the JSP page stops half-way, when about 90% of the rows in the table already rendered.

I heard some said that JSP class has limit of 64KB, but that should lead to compile-time error. Any other possible reasons?

int Index = 0;
for (HashMap<String,Object> User:Users) { %>

<%=Index+1%> <%=User.get("full_name")%> <%=User.get("user_name")%> <%=User.get("email")%> <%=User.get("department")%> <%=User.get("position")%> <%=User.get("id")%> <% Index++; } %>`

I don’t think you can use a HashMap directly in a for loop. Try compiling your JSP pages