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Plugin link somewhere?

I see a link in the 2.1.2 announce to a plugins page, but I can’'t find any reference to it anywhere else on the web site (Projects, Downloads, etc.) Will that area become referenced somewhere on a standard page?

There is a plugins link on the project page (shift-reload if you don’'t see it). However, the direct link is:



I know the link; it’'s in the 2.1.2 announce. But I keep having to go visit that announce to get the link.

Unless I’‘m blind, or something’‘s bizarre with my browser, there is no link to that page anywhere on the Projects page (http://www.jivesoftware.org/index.jsp – this is the link I get when I click “Projects” in the top menu bar). I’'ve done a Find on “plugin” and nothing. I reloaded, etc. I even looked at the page source and tried a find in there; nothing. Do I need my eyes checked?

If you click on Jive Messenger you’‘ll see the Jive Messenger-specific page. The second link, right under "What’'s New" is “Plugins”.


Got it. Thanks.

And there is another link in downloads in Other Files part;)