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Plugin Monitoring Service 1.7.0 is not saved as messages

I am using Openfire 4.3.2 and O Pluguin Monitoring Service 1.7.0. However from the 02/05 the pluguin is no longer saving messages and conversations. I can see all the ones before given in the first ones to be no longer saved.

Note: when opening open fire com the following image appears as if giving error

Somebody help me please
Thank you

This red messages are just Info, not errors, and they appear after Client Control plugin. Not related to Monitoring plugin. Maybe you should update or reinstall Client Control plugin to get rid of red messages.

As for missing messages in archive, you can try rebuilding the index in Archiving settings menu. This might also be some database corruption. What database are you using?

The data monitoring and removal service does not appear, so I figured the problem was related to this pluguin.

I am using the Microsoft Sql Server database as picture

Have you tried rebuilding the index?

Yes I already did that but it still has not fixed. Does this software have anyone who supports it? or should I look in the community? I’m having a client needing it a lot and this problem persists.

If it is necessary even paid to the analyst who can give this support

This is Open Source free software managed by a few volunteers. There is no official support other than this forum and group chat. You can try contacting Guus from goodbytes for some paid help, if he is not already busy http://www.igniterealtime.org/support/service_providers.jsp