Plugin "Monitoring Service" and "Open Archive" using the same index?

I just noticed, that i’ve installed the Monitoring Service Plugin and the Open Archive Plugin. Both will log the conversation into the index. If i’ve both installed and enabled, are they using the same “physicall applied” index? It seems like…

Can anybody confirm?

I would doubt it as one is made by jive and the other is made by a vcommunity member. The Monitoring service uses the table ofconversation. Second Open Archive does not work correctly some of the time. It does not keep the conversations threaded. I would remove Open Archive. the monitoring service plays into many different aspects of the system.

Yeah, i noticed the issue with open archive, so i am going to delete it. But i was afraid of, because i thought they are using the same index and so if i delete open archive i delet also the index of the monitoring plugin.

I don’t think deleting the plugin affects the collected data. You just would not get additional data from the deleted plugin.