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Plugin newbie qeustions - Help

Hi all,

I am totally new to java but have been using .NET VB and C# for some time. For my current project, I am wondering if you can help me with instructions/links to step-by-step setup and build an openfire plugin?

And, In what kind of IDE can I use to build a plugin project, can I use .NET J#?

I have downloaded the latest openfire source; also I have downloaded and installed the latest openfire EXE Including Java JRE.

Thanks a lot,


It’‘s a good thing you didn’'t search the forums or the site first.

Plugin Developer Guide

I did come across the page you linked, but it seems to me the next steps I’'d take.

For a newbie like me, I would go to this article first for setting things up in the first place:

{color:#ff9900}Building the Source{color}

Thanks for your reply.