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[Plugin] Spark Spellchecker


the spellchecker from spark dosen’t support multi-languages.

So, I have create a new Spark Plugin that supports spellchecking for multilanguages.

At this time I have only add support for english and german.
spellchecker-0.1.tar.gz (1018493 Bytes)
spellchecker.jar (1020113 Bytes)



Now you can enable and disable the spellchecker and the auto spell checking.
spellchecker.jar (1023557 Bytes)
spellchecker-0.2.tar.gz (1019752 Bytes)

Filed SPARK-1044

If people search other languages, you can find it there:


Update to Version 0.3

I have tested it and uploaded the new version to JIRA.

Update Spellchecker to Version 0.4

How do you add other dictionaries to spark? I am after adding a USA dictionary, I had a look at the openoffice site as mentioned in this thread but cannot see what I am meant to do with the en_us.dic file…

Can someone help please…



You can take lithuanian dictionary file as an example from here: SPARK-1078. Also, you can read comments, you cant add new dictionaries to the working Spark, you need to recompile spellchecker and then Spark. But we can use your provided dict files for the future Spark versions.

Oh,My god ,I Search ,but there is nothing for spell for Chinese dictionary in OpenOffice .Who could help me !!