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Plugin to block file transfers

I want to write a plugin that would block all file transfers i.e. block OOB and IBB so that the clients are not able to transfer files whatsoever.

We know that Wildfire Enterprise already has that feature but I cannot afford to buy that! nor do I need all the features of the Enterprise edition

I would prefer a plugin instead.

Is this possible using the Wildfire APIs?

Has anyone already written such a plugin?


the Enterprise Plugin uses the Wildfire API, so it’'s not too hard to write such a plugin.


I found a code posted by ryan in one of the forum discussions

As I am not a coder, I hope this would be useful by my programming team

I wold also need help / pointers on what type of packets should be dropped / rejected to block the file transfer


wildfire_src.zip contains the source code of all plugins, also of the Content Filter.

Smack is used by Spark and as it is open source you may look at it and which pakets it sends to initiate a file transfer. Wildfire’'s audit log may also help to identify the packets.

Using a network sniffer will also work if you are using unencrypted connections.

For me this BLOCK idea is really bad, one will write a Plugin for Spark which reads a file, encodes it as base64 and sends it as a “normal text” message. This plugin may also be able to receive such a message, decode the base64 content and write it to a file.


The block idea is not very good, but this all I would be able to do within the time available.

and ppl here are not very good at writing a plugin for spark (if they were, I would have had them write the plugin for wildfire!).

I have to do this myself with the resources available to me!!

And this would also be helpful for lot of other admins in situations like me

this is just an initiative, we can extend the functionality of this plugin later to intercept those kind of messages later as required

Based on the code that I posted earlier, I’'ve modified it using the FileTransfer classed as in the APIs

I wanted to know if this would work

could anyone validate this code please and let me know if any changes are required

//Wildfire plugin to disable all file transfer
// The working code would be published on SF

also I am not sure of how to make a jar of the .java file as I am not a coder

please help

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Based on the previous code I’'ve written a plugin which seems to work

as of now it would drop all Stream Initialization packets with ‘‘file-transfer’’ profile

I’'ll still have to thoroughly test the plugin

Please let me know how I can make the plugin and its code available to all (under GNU GPL)


you could create a sourceforge project or send the code to Matt so he may publish it in the Plugin Beta section.


There is an issue JM-506 registered for a plugin