Plugin to support the upcoming JEP-0136: Message Archiving


up to now message archiving seems to only available in the enterprise edition.

As I am often using multiple computers for IM, remote message archiving would be a great thing compared to the histories current IM clients keep on the local workstation.

Especially what the JEP calls automated archiving (i.e. server side message interception and storage based on users preferences) looks promising. A wildfire plugin supporting this should not be too much work.

Until the clients support the JEP (which shouldn’‘t take to long as at least the Psi community has expressed interest) small web UI could allow user’'s to access their histories and change settings.

Anybody here working on a plugin to support message archiving? Or interested in doing so?


Hi Stefan,

The enterprise edition neither supports JEP-0136. None of the components introduced by the enterprise edition replies the following on disco#info:

I believe the message logging retrieval in enterprise edition is done more like flat access from some kind of data repository or database to be displayed on the Admin Console for administrative purposes.

Nevertheless, user contributed plugin is highly welcome. Or if an issue is created in JIRA for support of JEP-0136, I’'d certainly vote for it.

okay, so at least it wouldn’'t be a duplicate effort.

I’‘ll look at it when i’'ve finished my current project.

Maybe someone wants to help