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Plugin unloading


I’‘ve a very odd behaviour here. When I build a plugin on my linuxbox and plug it into the wildfire testserver on an other linuxsystem everything is working fine. But when the same copy of the plugin is copied onto our windowsbox wildfire 3.1.1 (and also 3.2.3) is going nuts, it’'s loading and unloading the plugin all the time.

The debug-log looks like this:

2007.03.16 11:11:33

2007.03.16 11:11:31 Unloading plugin tmsharedgroups

/*snip */

2007.03.16 11:10:29 EOF

2007.03.16 11:10:27 EOF

2007.03.16 11:10:26 EOF

2007.03.16 11:10:25 EOF

2007.03.16 11:10:23 EOF

2007.03.16 11:10:21 EOF

2007.03.16 11:10:20 Loading plugin tmsharedgroups

2007.03.16 11:10:19 Extracting plugin: tmsharedgroups

So there are two questions:

  1. What are these EOF-Logs ?
  • Ok, found it. The EOF’'s are generated every time when the log-viewer refreshes.
  1. And has anybody an idea what I can do about this reloading thing ?