Plugin User import/export failes on export

Hi there,

a long time ago the plugin worked fine. i’ve changed no settings in the meantime. Today a export to screen or to file ends in an endless loading session and finally gives me a Error - coulnd’t etablish connection “/plugins/userimportexport/export-file.jsp?fileName=ofuser” <- this happens if i try to export to file. If i export to screen the webbrowser keeps loading and loading and ended up with a blank page…

Is that because of my 11K Users? Is there any other way to backup (only) my Userdata?

oh and im running Openfire 3.6.4 and User import/export Plugin v. 2.2.0


Even if i dedicte 16 GB to the JVM it keeps crashing!?

It would help to know whether you get an OutOfMemory error.

Yes sometimes and sometimes nothing - just a blank page. While i was digging around with this i closed every etablished connection to my server and tried to export all users to a file multiple times. After 8 blank pages or so i finally got my xml-file (it is only ~7MB).

Now i am trying to import the user.xml file into a clean new 3.7.1 installation running the embedded-db. The same picture: i get only a blank page. If i import a user.xml file that is not larger then 50KB it adds the users - but i cant split 7MB into 50kB files :slight_smile: