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PluginManager drops case sensitivity of plugin name causing plugin to be unable to deploy on Linux

Recently I have ran into problem with plugin beeing redeployed everytime I have deleted it. Plugin is loaded and unloaded via admin panel. Now, when the plugin JAR file will be like this: notifierPlugin.jar this plugin will become unremovable.

  1. Plugin manager unzips the plugin to LOWERCASED DIRECTORY (PluginManager.java:984)
  2. Plugin admin uses directory name to CREATE NAME OF JAR FILE AND DELETE IT
  3. Plugin admin is unable to do that because of linux FS case sensativity. Tries to delete notifierplugin.jar when the file is notifierPlugin.jar
  4. Admin panel shows notification that plugin is deleted successfully when it is actually no
  5. Plugin admin page does not check whetever jar file deletion is successfull or not - plugin-admin.jsp:82 - no check for result of pluginJar.delete();

So my questions are:

  1. Why such lowercaseonly apporach is here?
  2. If lowercase jar filename is forced, why ant build script is not simply forcing it to be lowercase (OR)
  3. Why web admin upload mechanism wont simply rename uploaded file to lowercase? (OR)
  4. Why I did not find anything about that in docs.

Cheers! Hope you will fix that soon.

All valid points. I have faced similar issues in the past. Looks like plugins manager’s part was coded having only Windows in mind. Filed as OF-952

I have also mentioned to Redeyes, author of Rest API plugin to rename the distributed file to use lowercase only. But it still is restAPI.jar… But fixing the root cause is the best solution.