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Plugins don't install

Can someone tell me why they don’t install? I click the + in the gui, then i see the checkbox, and they disappear from the list, but they don’t appear on the installed plugins list. If i look in terminal, the files are in /plugins. Also if i browse to website:9090/plugins/webchat/ nothing happens.


I am using



Could it be a perms issue? everything is set to daemon:daemon


are the jar files downloaded and extracted?

You should see some entries in the log files if extracting of the plugins fail.


Hi There,

are u sure that you have installed correctly?

  1. Activate the Openfire

  2. Check the plugins. The plug in must be put in OpenFire/plugins

  3. Check the plugin version. Maybe it requires mySQL or other databases or it uses other openfire version

  4. Contact the developer if no idea.

Webchat is an enterprise plugin. You need to be running the enterprise version of openfire for it to work.