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Plugins getting deleted


I’'ve written a plugin for Messenger 2.1.1, which is working fine, but… the entire plugin directory is deleted after the server starts - the sequence of events is as follows:

  1. I create /plugins/testPlugin

  2. I create /plugins/testPlugin/classes

  3. I put plugin.xml in /plugins/testPlugin

  4. I put my classes in /plugins/testPlugin/classes

  5. I start the server

  6. The server initialises my plugin

  7. The server destroys my plugin (almost immediately)

  8. The server deletes /plugins/testPlugin

Is this expected functionality, or a bug? If it’'s expected, it would be useful if it was possible to turn it off, so that particular plugins can be loaded every time the server starts.




We probably need to clarify the plugin document a bit more. Plugins must be deployed as JAR files. Jive Messenger will then automatically expand the JAR file into a directory. When the JAR file is not there, Messenger assumes that you want the plugin deleted, so it deletes the expanded directory.



Excellent - works a treat. If I’'d read the plugin documentation carefully I would have known that.