Plugins missing

I am in a test environment and have upgraded my server from 3.5.1 to 3.10 and installed this plugin. It shows up on the server and I have a new entry in the menu for meetings. When I browse to the url :7443/ofmeet/spark/ofmeet-plugin.jar for the plugins I get a not found message. I can trim the ends off the url and keep backing it away and its not found all the way down. I am sure there is something probably misconfigured or a relic from 3.5.1 causing this issue. Help is appreciated.

log files are your friend

indeed they are, my apoligies. Following this Openfire 3.10 Jan 8th 2014 + Ofmeet 0.0.7 Could Not Start I think I am getting somewhere. At least I have created a meeting. Thanks for looking.