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Plugins not working on Wildfire 2.5.0 -

Hi, I have Wildfire 2.5.0 running on a Fedora Core 2 Linux server. Everything runs fine except for none of the plugins I install show up on the admin pages. I can remove the plugin from the plugins directory, copy in the jar file, it gets extracted ok but when I look on the admin page it’‘s no there. I guess it’'s not being loaded in correctly?.

This occurs with the default user search plugin, and I also downloaded the presence plugin and this exhibits the same behaviour. I have a feeling that there is something wrong with the RPM packaged wildfire distro as this obviously works for other users?. The same issue also existed in the previous two RPM wildfire distros.

I don’'t see any obvious errors in the logs.

Thanks for any help, I’'ve trawled through the forum to try to find the answer myself but although the same subject crops up time and time again, none of the circumstances match mine.

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So, this is a clean install or upgrade? Can you try clean install? Can you try the tar.gz version?

Thanks Wroot,

Actually I first installed Wildfire 2.4.0 as an RPM. I then uninstalled this and installed 2.4.4, again as an RPM. I then upgraded the 2.4.4 RPM to 2.5.0. Neither of the RPM’‘s I’'ve installed have had working plugins. I will as you suggest try the .tgz version although I quite like the RPM approach because it bundles in the JRE which makes life easier

Thanks for your suggestion - anyone else had a similar issue ?.

I dont know how long you waited but I found that after I restarted a server or added a plugin that I needed to wait a few minutes before it would show up in the plugin’'s list.