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Plugins not working

None of the existing plugins are working with the latest Wildfire server version? I downloaded the .jar’'s, copied them to the plugins directory and all it shows under “Plugins” under the Admin screen as “No Plugins…”, even the default Search plugin dissapears.

Running latest, under Linux, using HSQL databases (built-in).

Hey David,

All plugins have been updated including SparkManager.


– Gato

It’‘s very confusing that you are updating plugins without actually changing nor version nor date values. So i have to downloand and download them once again to be sure they are up to date. I’'m monitoring version and date values, so it could be more convinient if you change at least date after some updating.


Sorry about that – I definitely agree. We were in a rush to get them fixed so neglected to update the version. I think it would be a good idea to update them early next week with new version numbers just so that all is clear.



I’'m not pushing you But i think at least changing dates at download page will help. Of course you can change versions too