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Plugins problems

Well, I’'m out of options. Unless someone else comes up with a better idea, you might consider consider removing everthing and start over from scratch. Download new versions of everything, including plugins and JM itself. If you have one available, try another computer, to see if the same thing happens there.

I also have the same issue. I don’'t see any plugin when I start running the 2.2 version. I got no help and let it run like that for more than one month, however when I start working on 2.3 (for vcard and ssl issue). I notice that plugins are available and working. But it is not working anymore again after I have moved to 2.3. I am running Jive on Gentoo net boot Linux with java installed locally.


I downloaded the JM server 2.3.1 and i installed it on a new server (from scrath) and all the plugins work, it’'s cool. There is an other change, i let the server in English, not in French. Thank you to all for your support.


Reinstall server and it’'s ok.


What do you mean by (from scratch) ? I have tried that before and it does not help. Now I am on 2.3.1 and the problem still exist.