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Plugins Sub-Com?

I think it’s about time to introduce a new sub-com for plugins, with sub-sub-com for Openfire, Spark, etc. IMHO, having it under the Developers community has somehow hide the otherwise would have become a killer application extension sought-after. Oh… did anybody know about the UserImportExport, Broadcast, ContentFilter, Spellchecker, Translator etc… without actually downloading and trying Openfire/Spark?

Additionally, it could become more interesting - if I may suggest - if the plugins sub-com would allow the community to upload plugins and let the community play with them, instead of secretly emailing to Matt. And perhaps whenever a plugin meets certain criteria, Jive would somehow “endorse” it as one of the official/recommended plugins.

I think this is an excellent idea! There are so many great community developed plugins, and it would be cool to showcase them here. I’ll talk to Matt & see what we can work out!